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Auto1Diagnostic specializes in automotive diagnostics. I also specialize in the hard to find and harder to fix problems. If your car or light duty truck has problems that others have attempted to fix but can’t, Auto1Diagnostic can find the problem and repair it without the multiple parts replacement method of repair. This saves you time and money on parts you didn’t need to replace. Using my factory scan tools and specialized testing equipment allows me to test electronic circuits and components that others can’t. 40 years of professional automotive diagnostics and repair knowledge gives me a big advantage. ASE and Factory Master Certifications coupled with years of training and hands on knowledge with today’s complex computerized vehicles allows to better pinpoint problems without the guesswork methods that others use.  Properly verifying the cause of the failure is the key component to proper automotive repairs and customer satisfaction. Using quality replacement parts is just as important. Today’s automobiles are rolling computers and it takes a highly skilled technician to properly diagnose and repair them.

Don’t settle for guesswork repairs that force you to spend money on parts and labor that won’t correct the problem. Fix it right the first time and save time and money with accurate failure verification, diagnostics and repair methods.

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